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Real Media Now is for game developers who struggle to retain users
Who want to increase retention rates whilst making money from advertising
And Real Media Now is an easy to use tool for increasing retention and advertising revenue
That provides helpful video walkthrough for users stuck on levels
Unlike typical ad networks Real Media Now offers high quality in-game video walkthroughs
sponsored by targeted advertising at points of difficulty in a game.
Real Media Now Ads your way
Real Media Now helpful ads without aggravation.
Increase retention whilst making money from ads.


Find out how to maximize revenue from your app!

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Monetize your app with recognizable brands

We deliver value to your users without interrupting their experience. This boosts user engagement and app loyalty, while putting money in your pocket.

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Challenging points in games is the number one cause of churn in mobile games, we are here to solve that. We provide a high quality video walkthrough with easy to follow commentary at points where users struggle the most. This is sponsored by advertising which means that you get paid whilst keeping customers on your game! It’s a win-win!

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The Island Game

The Island

The Island Game


The Island Game

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