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Advertising Gamers Love

Find out how to build out your brand and increase your advertising ROI using engaging user focused moments advertising.

Find out how to monetize your app using non-intrusive advertising and increase your revenues without detracting from your customers experience.

Building relationships between brands, apps and users

Build up your brand and increase advertising ROI with engaging user focused moments advertising.

Monetize your app with non-intrusive advertising that increases your revenues without disturbing your customers.


Advertising that Gamers Love!

We are an ad tech company whose focus is the creation of an advertising experience that has benefits for both app developers and brands alike.

To explain, these are the Benefits for App Developers.

We can help by enabling you to target users at convenient moments in their user journey by using our flagship product Brand Boost.

Brand Boost assists your game users at the time when they most need it ie when they are stuck on a level Usually players give up when they get stuck or sometimes they may buy an in-app upgrade. However, even these paid upgrades sometimes do not get them onto the next level.

With Brand Boost, our patented technology, your user is assisted in proceeding to the next level by viewing one of our highly targeted ads. These ads take into account recent user behaviour and search history to find the most relevant ad.

The benefits you will reap are that this process allows you to improve user retention while, at the same time, generating higher advertising revenues than would typically be generated by a non-personalised banner ad.

Additionally, to stop players from completing your game too quickly, we only allow players to use Brand Boost once a week – unless they purchase some of you in-app products. Either way, you will see an increase in revenue, either in the form of advertising or increased in-app purchases.

Try our service now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

And these are the Benefits for Brands.

We help you to run more effective campaigns:

As you know, traditional advertising relies on potential customers being drawn towards your particular brand or product. It's a passive rather than an active process.

What we do differently is that we bring highly relevant, finely targeted advertising at convenient moments in their user journey. The benefit to the user is that they get an extra life in their game. The reward comes from your brand so their view of your brand is positive.

In this way and by timing these ads appropriately, your brand is brought to the users attention in a positive and helpful way rather than being seen as a disruption to their gaming experience.

Why not give it a try, see how it works for your organization?


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